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Super Semi Contact Seminar in the Octagon 26. February 2015

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on December 17th, 2014

2014.02.26  Poster BAYETT SEMI_01We again a big hit succeeded.

With Abdullah BAYETT from South Africa, the reigning world champion in semi contact could be required for a seminar in the Octagon per Gym.

The deadline is Thursday, 26. February 2015

Beginning at 18.00 Clock, open to all who wish to participate !

In order to give everyone the opportunity to learn from Shihan Bayett this seminar is open to all, who want to improve in the semi-contact.

This discipline Semikontak kickboxing is again awaken new popularity among the club.

According to the Australian Khan Robert Wilesmith for Thai boxing in autumn it continues.

Again, this is the first of a planned series of seminars per Octagon Gym for 2015. Of eminent experts are interested in their sport show our fighters.

You can find the invitation here


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WKF AUSTRIA Judges Seminar 27.03.2015 for old and new referee !

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on December 14th, 2014


official WKF Austria Judges 2014

All current Austrian national judges (with D / It / F License) must again renew their annual licenses WKF.

Registration per mail to WKF AUSTRIA president Gerald Dittrich.

The appointment is of 27. – 29. March 2015 im ASIA Sportcenter, 1220 Vienna.

You can find the invitation here !

The seminar will be held again in collaboration with the IFMA AUSTRIA instead of.

The seminar is of course open to all newcomers, We always look forward to coming.

The WKF referee training in Austria is a model for many nations and a good example for training. Only when our national judges have passed all the tests successfully and gained their experience in practice, they are of the WKF AUSTRIA to the International World Referee Seminar logged. Unfortunately, this is not self-evident for many nations !

The WKF AUSTRIA has already ordered the World Association black Refereeshirts available with embroidered logo on the back and chest. Please pick up the already appointed referee shirts !

A shirt including embroidery (!) costs only 35.- € uro, We recommend two coats to 60.- € uro. Please specify when ordering new Height. In March it's too late !

For International WKF license knowledge of English are required !

The next WKF World referee seminar for international referee from C class will be held on 27. February 2015 in Budapest instead of. Participation are entitled all logged by the WKF Austria Referee. The following World referee seminar 2016 will be held in Bari / Italy in spring.

Photo of the WKF International Referee can be found in the Gallery. All competition rules for down loaden als pdf finds her in German here !

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Membership in the WKF AUSTRIA

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on December 1st, 2014

Austrian Open 2014 WKF (32)

Gerald Dittrich, President of the WKF AUSTRIA

WKF-Austria Nationalteam LogoOff 01. January, the new annual fee is payable for all our clubs again.

Our WKF AUSTRIA is international in WKF EUROPA affiliated, the back of a 6 Continental associations in WKF World Association is. Today the WKF has 114 Member associations to 6 Continents.

We are a large independent association, which enters into a cooperation with another small bandage for selected three tournaments in Austria.

Every year we have at least 6 Amateur events im Diary. Then there are the international 5 Evening Gala in Austria.

International seminars and training courses are also offered by the WKF. For spring is in Vienna a semi-contact seminar Abdullah BAYETT planned from South Africa. He is the absolute number. 1 in the African continent and Semi is also a PPF title fight in negotiation. If someone would like this PPF title fight organize simply report.

The European Championship 2015 will be held in Budapest in November, at the State Championship on 18. April swan town and at the Int. Austrian Open at the 10. May Vienna you can still qualify.

If you as a new club also interested in Membership in the WKF AUSTRIA have, we look forward to her noncommittal e-mail

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News from the WKF AUSTRIA, a good year 2015

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on November 29th, 2014



2016_Andria_WORLD CHAMPIONSCHIPSThe great World Cup in Prague is now history, all eyes are already on the upcoming WKF Championship in Budapest.

The WKF HUNGARY with President Istvan ROZMAN and his team is already in the preparations and ensure our Hungarian friends will organize a great event. Budapest is also only 240 Removed km from Vienna, so even closer than Prague.

The qualification has been running since the Bregenz Open , the first fighter have already scored points for the national team. As every year, the qualification runs on the same system from, that in the last 20 Years has proven.

Fix qualifies medalist of Prague are in the same category and weight. For this purpose, the two best of the three qualifying tournaments. These are the Bregenz Open 2014, WKF State Championship on 18. April Swan City / Upper. and Austrian Open on 10 May in Vienna. In these three tournaments we have again the good cooperation with NMAC, both sport passes are possible.



The WKF AUSTRIA Kampfrichterkurs found again after the World referee meeting Budpapest in place. The appointment is 27. March Asia Wien Center. All current AUSTRIA WKF Referee and those who want to be novel are cordially invited to.

In addition, some of us still attended international tournaments and some International Comparison struggles at home – and abroad are also back in negotiation. The first invitation was for the K-1 fighter of WKF IRAN pronounced, Date has been of 20.-24. January !!! Anyone interested please urgently in the office by e-mail Sign in, the visa must be submitted as soon.

In February in Vienna is also a seminar for Semikontakt planned. With Abdullah Shihan BAYETT is the reigning world champion in semi contact and superstar from South Africa (!) to Vienna. Further details will follow shortly and tendering.

The next World Cup 2016 is now fixed in southern Italy instead. Andria is the name of the city and the airport as the next target is Bari.

WKF TURKYE LogoThe Championship 2017 was sent to the WKF TURKEY forgive, either Antalya and Istanbul.

The following fact WKF World Championships 2018 is first held outside Europe and Argentina's capital Buenos Aires has surprisingly enforced at the last World Congress of the President against Sydney and Nairobi.

The WKF AUSTRIA will establish a fiduciary from January a pot, where each of the in 4 Years in Argentina wants to be there, at least 30 Euro has to pay per month. Of course, also possible. If an athlete after a while but decided otherwise, you get to be so far take money back to 100% back without interest.

According to current (!) Calculation is the World Cup in Argentina probably ca. 1.400 € uro kosten, including. Flight and hotel with breakfast. A unique opportunity for such a great World Cup in South America to come. And with our low-end model like a savings club a good and simple solution. At a minimum deposit of only 30 € uro corresponds to the 1 Euro pro Tag.

From January 2015 geht's the, the new account number “Buenos Aires 2018″ is kindly woman Dr. Marion WIESINGER managed volunteer.


2018 WM Buenos Aires flyer


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MMA in the Global Network of WKF

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on November 25th, 2014

WKF-MMA-World-champion-300x135WKF-MMA-European-champion-300x137Our WKFWorld Kickboxing Federation - Is one of the largest and most global , sanctioning organizations for Kickboxing and MMA in amateur and professional championships.



On our site mma.wkfworld.com You can find all the important facts and news, current rank lists of MMA our WKF World. Dazu Champion photos, balanced downloads, Competition Rules, international schedule and much more.

For all inquiries please contact our head office by WKF mail and visit our website www.wkfworld.com.

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AUSTRIAN OPEN 2015 final qualifying for the European Championships in Budapest

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on November 24th, 2014

2015.05.10 WKF Austrian OpenWKF Referee are welcome !

Cash price “Grand Champion” in Semi contact, for the best fighter only !

At the 10. More 2015 is in the Round Hall Old - Erlaa in Vienna the next “Austrian Open 2015″ performed.

Carrying out the discipline forms, Semi Contact, Light contact and K-1, the tender can be found here the registration form for their team here


This is the final qualification tournament for the WKF Austrian national team for the upcoming Championship 2015 in Budapest.

Please be sure to mark this date, which is the major international tournament 2015 in Austria.

Until today, many nations have already promised her to come and teams.

Austrian Open Die 2016 will again be held in May.

International Austrian Open tournament in Forms, Semi contact, Light contact and K-1 rules.

This event is open for juniors, women and men of all federations.

International WKF licensed referees are very welcome !

If your team need any help for Airport transfer and Hotel booking just ask for the rates, please.

In the past we had more than 850 fighter and 20 countries.

For more informations please download the invitation, registration form is here !

Further informations on www.octagon.at and www.wkfaustria.com

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World Cup in Prague – the expected success !!!

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on November 18th, 2014

Brane44 Nations, six continents and over 850 Starts in nur 4 Days are initially times the basic parameters of the World Cup. PHOTO ARE ALREADY ONLINE

Numerous titles went here on our WKF AUSTRIA Team. In the medal we have achieved sensational third place behind the Czech Republic and France. In team fight we have to 4 times (!) beaten the Germans. In this, our National MMA coach Brane (!!!) won his first Semi fight. NO JOKE !

There were also changes in the Executive Board of the World Association, furthermore, the next four big championships as follows were confirmed:

2015 European Championship in Budapest, Hungary

2016 World Cup in Andria, Italy

2017 European Championship in Antalya, Turkey

2018 World Championship in Buenos Aires, Argentina

All other details, many photo and results will follow soon !!! Please be patience.


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Our National Team for Prague

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on November 5th, 2014



WKF-Austria Nationalteam LogoThe WKF AUSTRIA Nationalteam is now fixed and now includes exactly 66 Members.

A first impression of "The Golden City" of Prague you can find here.

From the WKF AUSTRIA next Gerald DITTRICH following judges were nominated for Prague: Branko Šlauf, Helmut Lechner and Christian Pfannhauser.

From the organizers in Prague were 42 Nations 6 Continents around 700 Participants (!) reported.

Without accreditation by the national federation no access to the combat areas and restricted areas is possible in Prague.

One week it is the Bregenz Open and so as always the first qualifying tournament for the European Championships 2015 in Budapest.

For further questions concerning the WKF AUSTRIA National Team Contact please Gerald Dittrich.

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Next WKF World referee seminar on 27 February 2015 in Budapest

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on November 5th, 2014

WKF WORLD REFEREE SEMINAR  2014WKF chicks President Istvan Rozmann is the host of the next World referee seminar.

WKF head office Organizes the annual referee seminar in the beautiful city of Budapest on 27. February 2015. You will find the tender here !

We already have many requests by our judges from all 6 Continents, and we hope that all the timely start of the visa procedure to be.

For details about the World referee seminar, All inquiries about the airport transfer, Booking and more they just send a mail to WKF EUROPE , by email: europe@wkfworld.com

Referee Klicker_webOur updated WKF international referee list, see here , many photos of our international WKF Referee here !

The next WKF World referee seminar in March 2015 planted in Rotterdam.

All WKF referee , are not the last seminars in Kalisz 2013 or Prague 2014 have visited, must their license extend in Budapest. The new license is valid for three years again.

Please keep in mind:

WKF without a valid license, you are not eligible for WKF events

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WKF AUSTRIA, the perfect alternative

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on October 29th, 2014

Are they a member of the WKF AUSTRIA and they use lots of Advantages a prudent World Association.

Regular European and World Championships for the WKF AUSTRIA Nationalteam alternately, 10. November 2014 World Cup Prague, 2015 IN Budapest. Currently, the WKF AUSTRIA 42 Associations in Austria and seven regional associations.

Amateur Kickboxing and Professional Kickboxing, MMA and Pro Point Fighting, from children 8 Years up to the veterans + 35 Years. Ask them not binding on our inclusion criteria, we love them by mail send.

You want to be happy with the WKF EUROPE work together ? Arrange with one of the world's largest and oldest associations in the martial arts and our worldwide network of 113 Member nations to use for?

If you are interested in a reputable organization with worldwide presence as a real partner, then we are the right place !

Low cost and many opportunities, Transparency, Globally applicable Leaderboards for each kickboxing, or PPF , PRO AM and MMA, international real champions and recognized, professional title fights around the world ! A more recent Schedule with the events of the WKF World, our tenders for current events can be found here..

When there is no WKF

“Worthless Puppet Title Exclusive against opponents


They ask for our non-binding WKF AUSTRIA Promoter Lizenz and the operators manual for our new free WKF promoter.

All competition rules for down loaden als pdf finds her in German here !


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