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Welcome to the WKF European Championships in Budapest

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on March 28th, 2015


Istvan ROZMAN, WKF President HUNGARY world and president of the Pro Division

Budapest 2015 EC LogoThe beautiful city of Budapest on the Danube is the capital of Hungary and the host city for the upcoming Championship 2015 from 3.-7. November.

Sport has no races, social or political barriers, which does ______________ mean, that it is the perfect way for all men and women, Boys and girls, to achieve amazing results, regardless of race, Religion or skin color.

The Possibility, to represent their country in the name of sport at the international level is probably one of the greatest achievements that can make a single. The performance of the competitors at this level is enormous, and goes far beyond the normal physical endurance.

Winning here, in particular at such a high level,requires a long and hard preparation. A comprehensive physical training in technology, Strength and endurance.

I invite you to our wonderful capital city Budapest to see, The beautiful city center, friendly people, our culture, cheap hotel deals, enjoy your meal, our famous pastries and cakes and a real big European Championship in the heart of Europe.

This is what awaits you in Budapest! Hungary welcomes you.

We hope, On the World Cup from 14.-19. November 2016 to see again in Andria !

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World Cup 2018 in Buenos Aires !

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on March 27th, 2015

2018 WKF World Championships Buenos AiresThe most recent World Congress in Prague, three world cities presented as candidates for the World Championships 2018, Sydney, Buenos Aires und Nairobi.

As with the last General Assembly WKF AUSTRIA discussed, takes the World Cup 2018 (!) place in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires.

As from today's perspective about. 1.200 € uro is to be expected costs, Our association has set up a savings account.

As of now, it is now possible, for our trip to the World Cup to Buenos Aires 2018 sparen.Wir recommend to all (possible) Athletes, Official, To use coaches and referees these great opportunities.

We recommend a standing order with minimum 30.- € uro establish, so should the incredible adventures “World Cup in Argentina” not be a problem.

You can do this at any time suspend or terminate, then is simply the savings to 100% transferred back.


The account and its administration was kindly by Dr. Marion taken Wisinger.

The account is denominated in:

Dr. Marion Wisinger
Purpose of payment: Your Name – Buenos Aires 2018
Bank Austria BIC: BKAUATWW IBAN AT711200050550326501


In Buenos Aires !

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WKF State Championship on 18. April 2015 again in Swan City

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on March 25th, 2015



Österreich Staats 2015The Austrian WKF Championship is on 18. Again performed April cooperate with our friends from the NMAC.

Host is as in the previous swan town in Upper Austria.

The ÖSTM is the 2. Qualifying Tournament for the WKF National team for the upcoming WKF Championship in Hungary's capital Budapest , 03.-07. November 2015.

Please therefore WKF time passes and years brands 2015 update! When ÖSTM unfortunately can NOT new WKF Sportpasses orders are accepted. It will be in the hall only previously ordered output.

Budapest 2015 EC LogoThe complete tender finds her here.

The last tournament for the qualification is the International Austrian Open at the 10. Never in Vienna 23, Round Halle Alt-Erlaa. The tender can be found here!

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WKF AUSTRIA Judges Seminar 27.03.2015 for old and new referee !

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on March 22nd, 2015


official WKF Austria Judges 2014

All current Austrian national judges (with D / It / F License) must again renew their annual licenses WKF.

Registration per mail to WKF AUSTRIA president Gerald Dittrich.

The appointment is of 27. – 29. March 2015 im ASIA Sportcenter, 1220 Vienna.

You can find the invitation here !

The seminar will be held again in collaboration with the IFMA AUSTRIA instead of.

The seminar is of course open to all newcomers, We always look forward to coming.

The WKF referee training in Austria is a model for many nations and a good example for training. Only when our national judges have passed all the tests successfully and gained their experience in practice, they are of the WKF AUSTRIA to the International World Referee Seminar logged. Unfortunately, this is not self-evident for many nations !

The WKF AUSTRIA has already ordered the World Association black Refereeshirts available with embroidered logo on the back and chest. Please pick up the already appointed referee shirts !

A shirt including embroidery (!) costs only 35.- € uro, We recommend two coats to 60.- € uro. Please specify when ordering new Height. In March it's too late !

For International WKF license knowledge of English are required !

The next WKF World referee seminar for international referee from C class will be held on 26. February 2016 in Andria instead of. Participation are entitled all logged by the WKF Austria Referee. The following World referee seminar 2017 will be held in Turkey in spring.

Photo of the WKF International Referee can be found in the Gallery. All competition rules for down loaden als pdf finds her in German here !

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WKF Austrian newcomer Championship 2015

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on March 22nd, 2015

2015.04.11 Poster ÖM Neulinge_01The Austrian Neulingsmeisterschft 2015 im Ring Sport is apparent am 11. APRIL (!) in the ASIA Sportcenter in 1210 Vienna held. The tender can be found HERE , the WKF Amateur Competition Rules HERE.

DEADLINE Wednesday: 08. For April mail !


We are looking for an opponent in -50kg in VKT, already registered the girl has 10 Struggles in light contact, Null in VKT.

Furthermore, a girl +66 Kg in Lowkick oder K-1, also zero struggles !

And another girl - 50 /-54Kg for low kick or K-1.

Nearest comparison bout is scheduled in April in Germany against the WKF GERMANY !

Please as always In time update the Sportpasses. There are on-site no issued new WKF Sportpasses years and brands, only the previously issued ordered, Please request in time! Some clubs have their annual subscription for 2015 not yet paid, Please do previously, thank you.

With invalid sportpasses No participation is possible. Do you want to become a member with us? Initial information can be found here.

Please check it and the annual medical examination, that is examined in detail.

You can find all valid WKF competition rules in the downloads. The judges are divided by the association. More information at Hr. Gerald Dittrich for mail !


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Austrians fought WKF European title in Ireland

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on March 19th, 2015

2015.04.11 Limerick, Ireland McGRATH Aaron_IREThis is now the poster for the huge event in Limerick, Ireland, am 11.April.

No less than three (!) World Title

PLUS our fighter from Octagon pro Gym for the European title Amir COAST vs. Aaron (Bang Bang) McGRATH. Kickboxing in Vienna ? And so it goes in the Octagon per Gym

MORE 4 Irish national title!

Irland Ring girls 2That is the enemy, an Irish Champion, chances are today 50:50 !

Plus, there's Champions of Africa and Russia, all against Ireland :-)

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Lena Ovchinnikova's seminar in Vienna !

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on March 17th, 2015

2015.05.09  Poster Lazurko_Lena_01WKF AUSTRIA is the next big hit succeeded.

With Lena OVCHINNIKOVA is the ten-fold (!) benefited World Champion from Lviv / Ukraine to Vienna. Together with her coach and head coach Viktor LAZURKO both give a seminar in Octagon Pro Gym. This is about K-1 and Thai boxing, as well as in demand for MMA.

Lena is the most famous face on the Internet and has been the only woman at all 6 Fought continents around world title.

Due to their feminine appearance and attractive exterior it has already completed numerous endorsement deals in Ukraine and USA.

The date is Saturday 9. More 2015, one day before Austrian Open.

Beginning at 11.00 Clock, open to all who wish to participate !

Perfect for all our female fighter, Champions and all the real Kämüfer who prefer to get to know the successful Ukrainian Training System.

This is the next in a series of planned seminars per Octagon Gym for 2015. Of eminent experts are interested in their sport show our fighters.

You can find the invitation here

Octagon pro Gym

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Internationales Sparringstreffen im Octagon pro Gym

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on March 16th, 2015

11070099_10204409404490291_8640819699350214113_nThe WKF AUSTRIA has invited an international sparring meeting, It was hosted by the Octagon pro Gym.

Was organized the meeting of WKF EUROPE Chief coordinator Fr. Jana ANTOLOVA.

WKF President AUSTRIA Gerald Dittrich welcomed the participants and our MMA national coach Brane Radosavljevic managed well the seminar.

Next event is the Austrian referee seminar in Vienna from 27.-29. March.

And on 11. April Austrian rookie championship , at the 18. April WKF Austrian State Championship in Upper Austria.

1 2

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AUSTRIAN OPEN 2015 final qualifying for the European Championships in Budapest

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on March 15th, 2015

Budapest 2015 EC Logo

Budapest 2015 EC Logo

2015.05.10 WKF Austrian OpenWKF Referee are welcome !

Cash price “Grand Champion” in Semi contact, for the best fighter only !

At the 10. More 2015 is in the Round Hall Old - Erlaa in Vienna the next “Austrian Open 2015″ performed.

Carrying out the discipline forms, Semi Contact, Light contact and K-1,


The tender can be found here the registration form for their team here


This is the final qualification tournament for the WKF Austrian national team for the upcoming Championship 2015 in Budapest.

Please be sure to mark this date, which is the major international tournament 2015 in Austria.

Until today, many nations have already promised her to come and teams.

Austrian Open Die 2016 will again be held in May.

International Austrian Open tournament in Forms, Semi contact, Light contact and K-1 rules.

This event is open for juniors, women and men of all federations.

International WKF licensed referees are very welcome !

If your team need any help for Airport transfer and Hotel booking just ask for the rates, please.

In the past we had more than 850 fighter and 20 countries.

For more informations please download the invitation, registration form is here !

Further informations on www.octagon.at and www.wkfaustria.com

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Next WKF World referee seminar on 26 February 2015 in Andria

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on March 15th, 2015

2015.02.27 Referee BudapestWKF Italien President Salvatore MATERA is the host of the next World referee seminar 2016.

WKF head office organizes the annual referee seminar in the beautiful city of Andria on 26. February 2016. You will find the tender here !

At the last seminar in Budapest were 44 International Referee from 5 Continents present. We already have many requests by our judges from all 6 Continents, and we hope that all the timely start of the visa procedure to be.

The list of international judges, see here, who is not listed here has no valid license WKF. Photos of our current WKF AUSTRIA They find Referee here, Photos of our international WKF Referee here ! The Austrian judges with international license a term not exceeding 20. Logged in February on the association.

All WKF Referee , which is not the last seminar in Prague 2014 or Budapest 2015 have visited, must their license extend in Andria. This new license is valid for three years again. The next WKF World referee seminar is for February 2017 planned in Istanbul.

Please keep in mind:

without a valid license, you are WKF WKF events not qualified


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