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Kristian Zecevic fightet in Vienna to the PRO-AM Europe Title

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on September 14th, 2014

BASTRON Andreas_GERZECEVIC Kristian_AUTLike us of the WKF GERMANY has now been officially confirmed is the PRO-AM Europatitel at the 25. October in Vienna fixed.

Andreas BASTRON of the Rhine-Ruhr Sports Academy in Mülheim Wiener calls the Kristian Zecevic of Asia Vienna um den vakanten K-1 EM Title - 75Kg/165 lbs out.

The fighting time is here 5 x 2 Minutes.

Andreas has achieved a great fight record and has 28 Struggles, it only 6 Losses, 1 Draw and 7 I. He is currently the No.. 4 in the PRO-AM World Ranking.

Kristian Zecevic is roughly the same strong fighter. His fight record with us 25 Struggles, 15 Wins and 10 KO specified.

However, he has already made some great successes in his career:

Winner of the Austrian Open in K-1 2011/2012/2013 , WKF Amateur European Champion 2013 im Thai Boxen, Sieger des IFMA Muay Thai Cup in Novo Mesto.

WKF PRO AM title belt

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Poster for the World Cup in Prague

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on September 13th, 2014

2014 WKF World championships in PragueThis is now the official poster for the World Cup in Prague, 10.-15. November.

62 Nations 6 Continents have already confirmed their participation, As always, the receipt of visa will decide.

Will be Anyway, the Vietnam and Japan is already fixed for the first time with a small team in.

These have overseas nations such as the USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, If, Papua Neu Guinea, Indonesia already fix booked their hotel room.

From Europe, the “Usual Suspects” come, thus likely to set a new record of participants and nations be secured.

The available figures suggest:

Austria 50

Germany 62

Slovakia 55

Czechia 150

France 65

Ukraine 45

If 30

Ireland 70

und UK 150


Off to Prague :-)


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Countries Kampf im Ring Sports im Oktober

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on September 13th, 2014

WKF PRO AM title beltEven before the World Championships in Prague is a RCF Neulingsturnier and in the evening an official International Comparison fight WKF AUSTRIA vs. WKF chicks performed.

The plan of the countries fight is on 25. October in Vienna, after the freshman tournament.

A PRO-AM Titelkampf against the German Champion Andreas BASTRON is still in negotiation. For a good -75kg is still being sought fighter. If interested, please ensure there is a short e-mail an den Verband.

All WKF clubs can register their fighter / interior immediately. Entweder in Vollkontakt, Lowkick, K-1 oder Thai Boxen.

Name, Weight, Discipline, Fight record and a jpg photo !

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WKF Around Austria – our dear neighbors

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on September 10th, 2014

WKF EUROPEThe WKF EUROPA is very well placed.

Around Austria there are very well-run organizations WKF, the various activities and events organizing.

WKF Germany LogoWKF GERMANY is very active both in the professional field as well as in amateur. The focus here is on the tournaments, the talk of the 1.000 Participants may have.

WKF CZECH REPUBLIC is our partner in many events in East- Austria. Strong fighter and numerous WKF Champions in the world rankings show the quality of our northern neighbors. Prague is home to the WKF World Championships from 10.-15. November.

The Czechs also have excellent international referees. President Dr. Michal FRABSA



WKF ITALYWKF Bosnia LogoWKF SLOVAKEI is also a close partner, Top Ring Sport in very good shape and with runners. Volák novel is famous far beyond the borders of Slovakia. With Patrik MATEJKA we have here one of the best promoters in the European team. Even the judges training of chief referee Miroslav HORAK is exemplary. Präsident Peter Navratil.

WKF chicks is historically perhaps our closest partner. Countless test fights in recent 20 Years show by a narrow “Sporting border traffic”. A close mutual exchange of fighters in all areas is now standard. The Hungarians are very strong in MMA and Ring Sport. AND – Budapest is hosting the European Championships 2015 and therefore also the WKF World referee seminar at the 27. February 2015 , Präsident Istvan Rozman.


WKF SERBIA LOGOOur WKF many friends in the Balkans have traditionally been active in the Ring Sport. Semi and forms are not as widespread in the Balkans . Our BALKAN WKF President since January 2011 done an excellent job building. We are very strong in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia. Präsident Hrvoje KISASONDI

WKF UKRAINA logoWKF Italien this again has a very strong semi and light contact scene. Of course, Ring Sport, but in the so-called tatami divisions, the Italians are very strong. Again, there are many amateur tournaments and south to Palermo in Sicily also great events per. Präsident Italo crunches.

WKF MACEDONIA LogoWKF SWITZERLAND also has a more balanced team, both the mats and ring as well as the Amateur Sports / Includes professional rail equally. In professional events, we have some Swiss organizers such as. Thomas Hladki has achieved some fame as an active fighter.President Robert Steiner

And when they learn more about the RCF in Europe Know we want to look over their mail or Just Visit our WKF EUROPA Web site.


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MMA in the Global Network of WKF

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on September 6th, 2014

WKF-MMA-World-champion-300x135WKF-MMA-European-champion-300x137Our WKFWorld Kickboxing Federation - Is one of the largest and most global , sanctioning organizations for Kickboxing and MMA in amateur and professional championships.



On our site mma.wkfworld.com You can find all the important facts and news, current rank lists of MMA our WKF World. Dazu Champion photos, balanced downloads, Competition Rules, international schedule and much more.

For all inquiries please contact our head office by WKF mail and visit our website www.wkfworld.com.

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WKF AUSTRIA Judges Seminar 27.03.2015 for old and new referee !

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on September 2nd, 2014


official WKF Austria Judges 2014

All current Austrian national judges (with D / It / F License) must again renew their annual licenses WKF.

Registration per mail to WKF AUSTRIA Vice President Gerald Dittrich.

The appointment is of 27. – 29. March 2015 im ASIA Sportcenter, 1220 Vienna.

You can find the invitation here !

The seminar will be held again in collaboration with the IFMA AUSTRIA instead of.

The seminar is of course open to all newcomers, We always look forward to coming.

The WKF referee training in Austria is a model for many nations and a good example for training. Only when our national judges have passed all the tests successfully and gained their experience in practice, they are of the WKF AUSTRIA to the International World Referee Seminar logged. Unfortunately, this is not self-evident for many nations !

The WKF AUSTRIA ordered from the World Association back in the black referee shirts with embroidered logo on the back and chest. A shirt including embroidery (!) costs only 35.- € uro, We recommend two coats to 70.- € uro. Please specify when ordering Height. In August it is too late !

For International WKF license knowledge of English are required !

The next WKF World referee seminar for international referee from C class will be held on 27. February 2015 in Budapest instead of. Participation are entitled all logged by the WKF Austria Referee. The following World referee seminar 2016 expected to take place in spring in Rotterdam.

Photo of the WKF International Referee can be found in the Gallery. All competition rules for down loaden als pdf finds her in German here !

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Neulingscup in Vollkontakt, Lowkick, K-1 und Thai Boxen

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on August 20th, 2014

WKF-Austria LogoThe Austrian Neulingscup Ring in the sport will take place on 25. October in the ASIA Sportcenter in 1210 Vienna held. The tender can be found HERE , the WKF Amateur Competition Rules HERE.

ATTENTION : then place against a comparison battle WKF chicks instead of. Please login immediately fighters who want to compete against the Hungarians, Fight Time 3×2 Minutes.

Name, Weight and discipline, Hungarians oppose it. A further comparison battle in Hungary end of September is still in negotiation. We would then return to the fight.

AND: is looking for a fighter for a PRO-AM Titelkampf in K-1 !!!

Next Compared fight is on 6.12. in Pardubice, Czech Republic. !!!

Please update as always in time Sportpasses.

There are on-site no issued new WKF Sportpasses years and brands, only the previously issued ordered, Please request in time!

With invalid sportpasses No participation is possible.

Please check it and the annual medical examination, that is examined in detail.

You can find all valid WKF competition rules in the downloads. All judges are divided by the association.

In the evening the international country bout is scheduled, reports your fighter !!!

More information at Hr. Gerald Dittrich for mail !



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Next WKF World referee seminar on 27 February 2015 in Budapest

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on August 20th, 2014

WKF WORLD REFEREE SEMINAR  2014WKF chicks President Istvan Rozmann is the host of the next World referee seminar.

WKF head office Organizes the annual referee seminar in the beautiful city of Budapest on 27. February 2015. You will find the tender here !

We already have many requests by our judges from all 6 Continents, and we hope that all the timely start of the visa procedure to be.

For details about the World referee seminar, All inquiries about the airport transfer, Booking and more they just send a mail to WKF EUROPE , by email: europe@wkfworld.com

Referee Klicker_webOur updated WKF international referee list, see here , many photos of our international WKF Referee here !

The next WKF World referee seminar in March 2015 planted in Rotterdam.

All WKF referee , are not the last seminars in Kalisz 2013 or Prague 2014 have visited, must their license extend in Budapest. The new license is valid for three years again.

Please keep in mind:

WKF without a valid license, you are not eligible for WKF events

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WKF PRO-AM Division - our fourth and youngest Division

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on August 15th, 2014

From the beginning, great emphasis has been in the WKF on a strict separation between amateurs and professional fighters set, in Ring Sport, PPF and MMA. On the next World Cup in Prague at the 15. November are again 1.000 Participants from 50 Erwrtet Nations.

WKF PRO AM title beltToday the WKF is very successful internationally, not only in professional sports, but also in amateur kickboxing. The numerous tournaments worldwide are the irrefutable proof. Unsere WKF ASIEN Championships 2013 had in Iran incredible 2.700 (!) Starter from 38 Nations !!!



At the European Congress 2011 was PRO-AM decided the fourth professional division.

Therefore, the WKF AUSTRIA offers the PRO AM Title fights in all 4 Ring Sport Disziplinen an. For the most coveted WKF PRO AM Champion Gürtel.

The advantages are obvious. All fighters in the World Amateur Ranking be able to PRO AM Europe, Intercontinental and World Championships. You can find the contest rules at the down loads

The advantage is to have international gala fights and still not lose the amateur status. The opponents also have about 15-20 fights and are also in the same level. Costs and expenses will be replaced, Expense allowance is paid in addition depending on negotiation extra-. And for each operator the cost to the Association are affordable and significantly less than for comparable professional title fights.

Our WKF PRO AM Titles have a great value, because by using our global network 110 Member countries there is a great chance, fight not only at home

The Rules and Conditions for PRO AM are easy to understand and everything, what you need to do, is a Fighter Profile to send and jpg photos of the WKF AUSTRIA. Shortly after their fighters are in the PRO AM World Ranking.

For further inquiries or interest in a PRO AM Titelkampf simply send us a mail, Please.

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WKF Pro Point fighting ist international immer stärker gefragt !!!

Posted by WKF AUSTRIA Verbandsbüro on August 10th, 2014

WKF Pro Point Fighting beltThe WKF World Association has “PRO POINT FIGHTING ” raised the bar, is already being copied by the smaller associations.

The idea is actually logically, and the fact that it is based Worldwide millions of semi-contact fighter (point fighter) are.

Tournaments with a large starting field have more than a thousand fighters at the start. The Austrian Open has also rapidly increasing numbers of participants. For 2015 are again numerous international champions also from the WKF USA participate.

To these athletes finally get the chance to once a major main event and to have real, To fight globally recognized title, was 2011 The experts of the WKF Pro point fighting Division founded.


With PPF world rankings for Ladies and Gentlemen, with clear transparent competition rules and Provisions wie im Pro Ringsport.

Internationale WKF licensed referees and a delegated supervisor WKF WKF title fight sanctioned for each standard are Worldwide.

Anyone is free, to register as a fighter, a mail with the PPF Fighter profile enough of the web site completely. Tournament organizers have an interest in the Pro Point Fighting Titel to organize, sat us by mail in association with our WKF AUSTRIA office compound.

Or contact them at mail Please direct the WKF PPF world Mr. President. Alfredo Suarez aus Venezuela, in German, Spanish or English.


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